Ep22: No Redfish Are Free

San Antonio is home to tacos, a big tower or something, metal, and Lake Calaveras, a freshwater habitat for the normally ocean-dwelling red drum. Some men call them redfish, some call them a tantalizing treasure of the waves. Our heroes, Jamey and Matthew, venture south of the border (of Bexar County) and tangle with the reds of their dreams. Also they have tacos.

Episode 17: It’s Probably Hydrilla

Fishing team wakes up hatefully early to fish for crappie and bass on Lake Walter E. Long. Matthew records a cheeky “Best Thing to Happen This Week” segment for NPR’s It’s Been a Minute with Sam Sanders. Everyone gets covered in spiders. Lunch is a blow-out success at the Pollo Campero convenience store/bus stop/car wash/fried chicken counter. 

Episode 16: The UL’s Werewolves of Boredom

We said we wouldn’t do it, we said it wouldn’t be a good idea, but we went back to the Undisclosed Location. Episode 16 has Matthew and Jamey back at the UL. Will the secret fishing hole be too scummed over in the heat? Will Matthew and Jamey catch as many fish as they feel they deserve? We won’t spoil the surprise, but the trip ends with dinner at Chi Chi’s food truck and all the New York garbage plate they can stand. 

Episode 15: Wading for Puppies in the Colorado River

Beneath the Long Horn Dam in Austin, Texas, a dozen or more feet below the level of all those yoga stand-up paddle boarders, there’s a river which runs through some fairly undeveloped green space. Fishing team wades this treacherous stretch of unpredictable water, prospecting for puppy bass on light tackle. The adventure ends with a conversation about the city plans for draining Lake Walter E. Long. Take the survey! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WELArrange

 Special guest appearance by Banjomotion!

Episode Fourteen: After Work Fishing at Lake Long

Survey to determine the fate of Decker Lake:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WELArrange  Should it be drained for a PGA golf course? There may not be much more time on it, so Jamey and Matthew try their best to catch every fish in the lake. Although they really only catch a couple. They talk about chicharrones and if it’s an unfair advantage if you get to take the first cast.