Ep48: Port Aransas Bank Fishing

This special all That Wasn’t That Bad episode follows the inshore fishing trip Jamey and Matthew took to Port Aransas in December 2019. They describe catching fish off the pier in Bayside, the Caldwell Pier in Port A, and the sheepshead off the Packery Jetty. Also a long review of Texas Seafood by PJ and Apple Stoop. Some of the more unusual catches, Matthew caught a pompano, a harry blenny, and an actual squid. Jamey caught a puffer fish, as well as a Bermuda chub, a fish the Stoops reveal as having a habit of eating dolphin poop!

This episode edited by Matthew Bey.

Here’s some bonus content, actual videos! First a squid caught with an eging lure on the Caldwell Pier in Port Aransas.

And finally, a tanker wake at the Port Aransas shipping channel which comes very close to washing over the wall.

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