Ep34: Camp Tejas White Wonderland

Jamey and Matthew travel to the north for a hatefully early trip to the Georgetown environs to target white bass. Afterward, they fail to get a seat at Monument Cafe and visit Burger University for the second time instead. Attached photo bears no relation to actual trip. It’s just a filler.

Ep33: Bass-mom

Special guest, Matthew’s mom, AKA Squamous McShannity, joins fishing team for an epic That Wasn’t Bad from Reimers Ranch in Travis County. The final score includes a few white bass from the beginning of the run. Also pictured, white bass roe mixed in with pasta.

Ep32: Yegua Yahoos

The white bass runs begins with a trip to the legendary Yegua Creek at the head of Lake Somerville. Jamey and Matthew start by walking a mile across a flood plain before getting to the fishing spot. Fishing snacks are taken at Mel’s Diner in Giddings, where Jamey gets the chicken fried steak breakfast and

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Ep31: A Lake Best Served Cold

Fishing team tackles Lake Walter E. Long in the midst of winter cold. Matthew tries to explain to Jamey what a dam is, and Jamey doesn’t give a damn, because he catches all the fish and just rubs his success ruthlessly in Matthew’s face. Matthew snags a lost rod in thirty feet of water. After

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Ep30: Bastrop in Winter

Despite misgivings from a previous visit, Jamey and Matthew visit the misty tepid waters of Lake Bastrop on a cold and hatefully early morning. Matthew is kept warm by some gas station coffee with the pecan taste especially inherent in the south. They have a trip which they begrudgingly declare to be not that bad,

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Ep29: Bey’s Hybrid

Fishing team has a few technical difficulties which means this episode is short and sweet, focusing on Matthew’s triumphant catching of a hybrid striped bass. Which was well worth the wait. Jamey and Matthew take lunch at their favorite Central American fried-chicken restaurant, Pollo Campero.

Ep28: High Water on the Guad

We begin Season Two and the Quest for Elite with a trip to the Guadalupe. What starts out as a low-hanging-fruit attempt at a Big Fish Award, turns into a struggle for survival in 700CFS flows that make every move a struggle, and every presentation a dicey prospect. At lunch afterward at the amazing Granny

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Ep27: Season One Finale!

Fishing Team wraps up what must be the greatest season of fishing-based podcasting with not the greatest of fishing trips. However there’s donuts, there’s the requisite physical challenge, and Matthew sets up the goal of Season Two. There may or may not be a murder cliff-hanger. All set against the scenic backdrop of Granger Lake

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Ep26: Matagorda Weekend

Fishing Team takes a weekend on the coast, where they meet a dock cat and soak some bait. Will Jamey and Matthew catch the redfish of their dreams? Will they survive their Texas neighbors? Subscribe to the podcast today for the answers to all of these questions!

Ep25: Schooling Largies at Long

Getting up hatefully early and riding low after the pretty abysmal showing in the last episode, Fishing Team’s Jamey and Matthew return to the exact same spot they were last time and do pretty well actually. There’s also the revelation that Jamey has been aware this entire time that Matthew usually has a shady ulterior

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