Episode Ten: Last Hurrah at the Undisclosed Location

Fishing team returns to the Undisclosed Location (UL) for what they assume is the last time before the pond gets choked with summer growth. In this nondescript urban pond in the heart of Austin, Jamey and Matthew catch a plethora of largemouth bass and sunfish. Afterward they hit up a local corn-cup store called Las Manganadas and eat some amazing corn cups filled with fiery hot Cheetos. 

Episode Nine: Return to the Undisclosed Location

Fishing team returns to the Undisclosed Location (UL), for a madcap jaunt around our favorite little Austin fishing hole. Using a variety of flies including the cypert minnow (whose name just suddenly came back to me), poppers, foam spiders, and bead-head nymphs, we catch all the green sunfish and bass you can imagine.

Unfortunately, our recording equipment has been degrading throughout our fishing adventures, so the sound quality and the length of this madcap adventure is pretty short. But we do get a couple of good digs in on Jamey, and expressions of pure joy. Not to mention a That Wasn’t That Bad segment while eating barbecue sandwiches at the Rolling Smoke food cart on East Sixth Street.

Cypert minnow hidden in the mouth of a blue gill

Episode Eight: The Undisclosed Location

Jamey and Matthew visit their favorite little fishing hole for the first time this season. They primarily use fly fishing techniques, squirmy wormies and a streamer fly whose name Matthew has forgotten. If you know what the fly is, email us at ask@lastcastpodcast.com! When the topwater action heats up, the mics blow out from shear excitement. Fishing team catches so many fish that they forget who catches the most sunfish and largemouth bass. Also of note, famed film auteur Tommy Wiseau makes an appearance.

Episode Seven Point Five Supplemental: Catfish at Lake Norman NC

lake norman channel catfish and a cup of coffee

Jamey takes the week off, as Matthew takes a family trip to North Carolina and Lake Norman. Despite having access to a pier all weekend, Matthew only spends a few hours fishing, actually spending time with other human beings instead. But during those few hours, Matthew meets the whiskered denizens of Lake Norman’s deep. 

Episode Six: White bass and crappie at Camp Tejas

In this episode, Jamey and Matthew return to Camp Tejas near Lake Georgetown to fish for white bass in the North Fork of the San Gabriel River. The redbuds are blooming and the weather is perfect, but the water is low-can they find the fish?

After fishing, the team takes lunch at Burger University in downtown Georgetown. This episode edited by Jamey Maness. 

Episode Five: White Bass at Granger Lake

Fishing Team is joined by special guest “Banjo Motion,” a guy named George or something. Together they travel through Taylor, Texas, with a stop at Super Donuts, and on to a super-secret white bass fishing location. There in the dense lowland woods of East Texas, Jamey comes face to face with his own Heart of Darkness style demons.

Episode Four: White Bass at Reimer’s Ranch

Fishing Team ventures west to the Pedernales River at the first sign of blooming red buds. They have most of Reimer’s Ranch to themselves as they reel in the spawning whites. Jamey hooks up on a mysterious monster, and Matthew manages to sink up to his knee in quicksand-like mud. Will this be the trip where they finally limit out on schools of sandies? 

Episode 3: Polespearing invasives in San Marcos

A slot in the San Marcos Spring Polespearing Tournament goes about as well as we would expect for a fishing team adventure. Jamey uses his Guadalupe trout skills on wary warm water fish in what must be the most pressured stretch of water in Texas. Matthew meanwhile attempts to spear the invasive plecostomus, which is almost an act of charity when you think about it. Afterward, fishing team eats burgers and manske rolls at college grill joint Gil’s.