Ep39: Southeast Metropolitan Park Odyssey

Even people who have spent years in Austin don’t know that just past the airport there’s a county park with beautiful hiking trails and oddly productive pond fishing. Jamey and Matthew go to Southeast Metropolitan Park and they find plenty of fish deep down into the woods. Afterward they eat the surprisingly good cheeseburger at

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Ep38: Walter’s Back Door to Paradise

The gentlemen of fishing, Jamey and Matthew, take the long way to Lake Walter E. Long and take a stab at catching some largemouth bass and crappies. The long-anticipated giant cichlids don’t show, but they do get to weather close-quarter shotgun blasts. Matthew makes an easy “your-mama” dig, and Jamey does a lot of swearing.

Ep37: Fish in the Sea, Shel

Jamey sits this episode out, but in his place is budding super-fisherman and nephew to Matthew, Shel. They go crabbing and catch a bunch of blue crabs using chicken backs on a string, and then Shel loses Matthew’s phone. You won’t want to miss what happens next!

Ep36: Live Podcast Taping Fish Fry

You might ask yourself, how can a fishing podcast have a live taping in front of an audience of its fervent fans? Well, Jamey and Matthew have been saving all those white bass and that one tilapia they caught, and they unleashed it on their public in one giant orgy of eating. The fish fry

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Ep34: Camp Tejas White Wonderland

Jamey and Matthew travel to the north for a hatefully early trip to the Georgetown environs to target white bass. Afterward, they fail to get a seat at Monument Cafe and visit Burger University for the second time instead. Attached photo bears no relation to actual trip. It’s just a filler.

Ep33: Bass-mom

Special guest, Matthew’s mom, AKA Squamous McShannity, joins fishing team for an epic That Wasn’t Bad from Reimers Ranch in Travis County. The final score includes a few white bass from the beginning of the run. Also pictured, white bass roe mixed in with pasta.

Ep32: Yegua Yahoos

The white bass runs begins with a trip to the legendary Yegua Creek at the head of Lake Somerville. Jamey and Matthew start by walking a mile across a flood plain before getting to the fishing spot. Fishing snacks are taken at Mel’s Diner in Giddings, where Jamey gets the chicken fried steak breakfast and

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Ep31: A Lake Best Served Cold

Fishing team tackles Lake Walter E. Long in the midst of winter cold. Matthew tries to explain to Jamey what a dam is, and Jamey doesn’t give a damn, because he catches all the fish and just rubs his success ruthlessly in Matthew’s face. Matthew snags a lost rod in thirty feet of water. After

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